Vocals On Top: A music companion to “A Hair Off Square”

So this is a blog about music; It stems from the blog “A Hair Off Square” where I posted a few music posts in addition to sports related posts. I didn’t like how the two mixed. I had success with some music posts and with some sports posts.

I did more sports posts and had some success(website views) with my custom baseball and football cards. This was largely due to the large amount of posts. For a couple months(since spring training began) I had posted every day but about two and many days would do multiple posts. This led to some comments on the site about liking what I was doing and getting a few incoming links.

I felt these incoming links didn’t want to see any music posts. I still wanted to post about music though. So I decided to start “Vocals On Top” to have an outlet for music posts. Among these posts will be concert reviews, album reviews, greatest hits recommendations for bands that don’t have them and other projects.

I am going to transfer my music posts from “A Hair Off Square” to this site and devote that site to totally custom cards and this one totally to music posts.

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