250 Word Album Review: Centro-Matic – Candidate Waltz

Centro-Matic Candidate Waltz

Centro-Matic's Candidate Waltz gets 4 1/2 stars

Candidate Waltz is Centro-Matic’s 9th full length release depending on what you count as albums by them. They have had tons of side projects, solo albums and EPs in that span as well.

Lead Singer and mastermind Will Johnson trots out 9 new songs for the 2011 release. The songs are as strong as on any Centro-Matic record. They also rock as hard as any Centro-Matic record. The guitars don’t drown out the great lyrics by Johnson or the catchiness of the songs. The band has been together since 1996 so they are a tight unit and it shows on this set of songs.

This may be one of the best driving albums I have heard in a while. It rolls forward smoothly with the sonic accompaniment that will make you struggle to stay under the speed limit.

“Only In My Double Mind” is a standout track that is filled with Johnson’s typical echo-style vocal delivery and backed with melodic distortion to fill the dead spaces. The crowning achievement is easily “Iso-Residue.” It is one of the bands best songs they have put on record. It is simply a song that begs to be cranked.

The cover art was painted by Will Johnson himself and should be a cinch for my favorite record cover of the year. It is a painting that creates instant recognition for the cover and should be a timeless visual of the record; think Music From The Big Pink.

The more you dig into this record the more you will like it. Candidate Waltz is best when listened to loud.

Key Tracks: “Iso-Residue” “Only In My Double Mind” “Solid States”

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