250 Word Album Review: David Lowery – The Palace Guards

David Lowery The Palace Guards

David Lowery The Palace Guards gets 3.5 Stars

David Lowery has made music for over 25 years before releasing his first solo album in February of 2011. His main bands, Cracker and Camper Van Beethoven have amassed massive amounts of songs before Lowery decided to attach these 9 tracks directly to his own name.

The songs are no more personal than other songs he has penned in the past.The album reads like a collection of orphans that fell between Lowery’s two bands. That is not to say the songs are bad, because they most certainly aren’t. A couple songs, “Raise ‘Em Up On Honey” “Big Life”, are actually Cracker outtakes from the records Greenland and Forever. Two more tracks appeared as web videos under Lowery’s name a long time before this record ever surfaced(“Deep Oblivion” and “Baby, All Those Girls Meant Nothing To Me”)

Those two tracks that first appeared as web videos are two of the album’s highlights. “Deep Oblivion” takes a slow subtle approach to making its point while “All Those Girls” is a surprising rocker that changes the tempo of the whole record.

“The Palace Guards” is the other clear highlight on the album. As Lowery put it, it is about superheros that need restraining orders. It is a catchy, light-hearted song that is intoxicating with its acoustic guitar strums. The record has the bounciness of a Camper record in spots and the straight forward rock of Cracker in other spots. It may not win over any new fans for Lowery but it should satisfy everyone who is already a fan.

Key Tracks: “The Palace Guards” “Baby All Those Girls Meant Nothing To Me”

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