250 Word Album Review: Elmo Buzz & The Eastside Bulldogs – Shit Sandwich

Elmo Buzz & Eastside Bulldogs Shit Sandwich

Elmo Buzz & Eastside Bulldogs Shit Sandwich gets 4 Stars

Elmo Buzz & Eastside Bulldogs is in actuality Todd Snider and a bunch of his East Nashville buddies. The most notable of these buddies is longtime Snider sidekick Will Kimbrough, Bobby Bare, Jr. and Elizabeth Cook. There is no Elmo Buzz…Todd Snider is Elmo Buzz…it doesn’t matter.

This is flat out sloppy country fun. Todd Snider can be very smart, insightful and clever at times…this is undoubtedly not one of those times. This is “Hey, I got a gun for my wife…best trade I ever made.” humor at its best. Shit Sandwich is loose, offensive and full of cliches; and the album is all the better for it.

The lead track “Pretty Boy Go Back To Franklin” is the best example of this. It is best summed up by the line “I like to talk about chicks and cars and partying hard.” The whole album is based around a rough night of partying really, all located in East Nashville; apparent by the song “37206” (the zip code.)

So if you are ever in East Nashville in a smokey bar, just don’t insult Bocephus(Hank Williams, Jr.) If you do you might find yourself the subject of an Eastside Bulldogs song. Hopefully this is not the last we hear of the Eastside Bulldogs so they might need some new material.

Todd Snider probably put it best in his digital liner notes to the digital album. He wrote “enjoy the songs. try not to overthink them.”

Head over here to download the album for as Snider put it “zero dollars and zero cents.”

Key Tracks: “Pretty Boy Go Back To Franklin” “Eastside Bulldogs Fight Song”

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