250 Word Album Review: Jeff Porter – 15 Miles

Jeff Porter 15 Miles

Jeff Porter 15 Miles gets 3.5 Stars

This album is not new, its not even close, it was released in 2006. Still it is an incredibly rare album to find and/or find a review for; so I decided to review it. This is Porter’s only solo album although he has one release as Walkenhorst & Porter with former Rainmakers lead singer Bob Walkenhorst. He is also now a member of the Rainmakers and played on their latest album 25 On.

Jeff Porter is a talented singer/songwriter that can cover a variety of music genres but 15 Miles concentrates on good old style country. He also roams toward raggae in “Thinking of You” and ’70s style classic rock on “Time Machine” but primarily sticks to the twang.

The album’s strongest track is up front and center with the delicate “Savannah.” A soft and sweet song about a love that simply didn’t work out. “Savannah” may be the highlight of the record but it is not even close to all of the sentiment on the record. “Still She Waits” is one of a few other very personal sentimental songs. “Somebody’s Son” is a song about war that could be all too personal for many listeners.

The album could be summed up by the title track “15 Miles” where Porter proclaims he isn’t a rock star but he a household name in his own sweet home. “Little Bit of White Trash” reads like driving down the street of every small Missouri town I have ever been in.

The record is a musically solid singer/songwriter cd that you won’t be hearing on the radio any time soon but is well worth checking out.

Key Tracks: “Savannah” “15 Miles” “Little Bit Of White Trash”

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