Career In Album Artwork: The Decemberists

The Decemberists have a total of 6 proper records out now. They are an extremely good band and are very arty. It is a shame for such an arty band to have below average album covers as I believe they do. I’m not crazy about any of them. Castaways & Cutouts (my least favorite album by them) seems to have the best artwork with the souls escaping the ship. The King Is Dead is good but boring. The Hazards of Love is clever but no eye-catching.

The Crane Wife is maybe a little under-represented here but its admittedly not great.The other two aren’t really worth a mention. I hope a band like the Decemberists that puts out good records can start putting out better record covers, they can be such a large part of an album. Here is a chart of my list:

Career In Album Artwork The Decemberists

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