250 Word Album Review: Dawes – Nothing Is Wrong

Dawes Nothing Is Wrong

Dawes Nothing Is Wrong Gets 4 Stars

Jackson Browne would be proud. Some records sound like a long lost cousin to another artist, some are direct descendants of other artists. Dawes’ second record Nothing Is Wrong is difficult to not link to Jackson Browne. The music is the same smooth folk-rock that Browne perfected in the mid-70s and the lead vocals of Taylor Goldsmith are a dead on match at times. The band doesn’t try to hide it either, they even get a guest appearance by Jackson Browne himself on one of the highlight tracks “Fire Away.”

This quality actually works for Dawes instead of against them. It gives their sound a familiar quality and makes it all that much more smooth to listen to. The band doesn’t tend to think outside the box on their playing on the record. The music is very good but holds few surprises for the listener. Nothing Is Wrong is like 52 minutes of 70s FM gold.

What sets this record apart is once again similar to Jackson Browne, the lyrics. The album is filled with striking one-liners like “…she says “If I’ve had love in my life then surely this is it” / I say “Anyone who talks like that doesn’t understand one bit” The entire record works as a showcase for lyrics like this.

This is a solid album that doesn’t have many low points. The standout songs are the Neil Young-esque “If I Wanted Someone” and of course “Fire Away” that sounds like a long lost B-side from Jackson Browne’s Running On Empty.

Key Tracks: “Time Spent In Los Angeles” “If I Wanted Someone” “Fire Away”

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