Listen to… The Black Keys / It’s Black Keys week!

The Black Keys released their 7th studio album today, El Camino. This has set me into a recent listening frenzy of their previous material, I’m sure others are doing the same. I have decided to officially declare it Black Keys week here at Vocals On Top.

Black Keys week is my plan to post a different Black Keys related article every day for 7 days leading up a 250 Word review of their new album El Camino next Monday. I have a rough draft of a list of articles to write but have yet to write any of them. I will be doing many of my typical features for the site like my album reviews related to the band to fill this week.

So to start the week I will just encourage my audience to listen to the band. They are legitimately good. They have a fresh original sound that has started to create some copycat bands but they are the pioneers of their particular sound. They achieved stardom last year with their album Brothers, winning a Grammy for Best Alternative Album and achieving gold status in sales.

As they continue to grow in popularity hopefully their records will retain that same grungy blues sound that made them the band they are. The core of the band is just two members Dan Auerbach and Patrick Carney. For much of their career these two made records without much help, they now enlist a bassist and keyboardist to fill the sound. This struck some of their fan base as bad move but they have used the new players effectively and have catapulted themselves to a much bigger audience.

Now… Let Black Keys week begin!

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