The Best of… The Black Keys … a greatest hits-type compilation

This is a compilation of what I feel is the very best Black Keys songs. It spans all of their albums and is not weighted evenly. I chose what I felt were the best about 20 songs. It turned out to be 23 songs that will fit on a standard 80 minute cd-r. The most songs came from Rubber Factory and the least amount came from the debut The Big Come Up with just one song. I also threw in their Grammy nominated cover of Buddy Holly’s “Dearest.” I chose to do chronological order for this because I think the album would play well this way.

Here is the list:

  1. I’ll Be Your Man
  2. Set You Free
  3. Thickfreakness
  4. Have Love Will Travel
  5. When The Lights Go Out
  6. 10 AM Automatic
  7. Girl Is On My Mind
  8. Stack Shot Billy
  9. Till I Get My Way
  10. Your Touch
  11. Modern Times
  12. Elevator
  13. I Got Mine
  14. Strange Times
  15. Oceans & Streams
  16. Everlasting Light
  17. Next Girl
  18. Tighten Up
  19. Howlin’ For You
  20. Dearest
  21. Lonely Boy
  22. Gold On The Ceiling
  23. Little Black Submarines
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