250 Word Album Review: The Black Keys – El Camino

The Black Keys El Camino

The Black Keys El Camino gets 4 Stars


The Black Keys just make good records at this point. They are consistent the listener knows what to expect from them. El Camino fits this mold perfectly, what you think the record will be; it probably is. They are expanding their sound a bit with bass and keyboards like on Brothers but El Camino is still simply vintage The Black Keys.

The albums lead single “Lonely Boy” is easily the closest thing to a “radio” song the band has ever written. It has a big sing-along chorus that is sure to sell many records and it still fits the Black Keys song mold as well. This song could propel the band into a whole new bracket of stardom. It is faster and more up-beat that most of Brothers was and this theme is continued throughout the record.

The album does shine of ’70s glam rock. This isn’t something The Black Keys have really made me think in the past but El Camino has soaring guitar solos and when paired with the Black Keys throwback sound, make the album scream ’70s FM radio.

“Little Black Submarines” is like Dan Auerbach’s take on “Stairway To Heaven.” The first half of the song is a somber acoustic affair but kicks in with an electric burst halfway through. The burst of electric guitars is eerily similar to Led Zeppelin’s masterpiece. Like all Black Keys records there are stellar tracks tucked away at the end as well, namely the back to back combination of “Stop Stop” and “Nova Baby.”

Key Tracks: “Lonely Boy” “Gold On The Ceiling” “Little Black Submarines”


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3 Responses to 250 Word Album Review: The Black Keys – El Camino

  1. TheChronicR says:

    Haven’t listened to this album yet but am a huge Black Keys fan so it will probably be right up my alley. Yes, I agree, “Lonely Boy” is indeed catchy. Good review and very nice blog.

  2. Thanks for the kudos on the blog, I’ve got a lot of projects here I’m excited about doing. The new Keys album is worth picking up, I’ve gotten a little burned out on it now but I’ve listened to it A LOT.

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