250 Word Album Review: Nada Surf: The Stars Are Indifferent To Astronomy

Nada Surf - The Stars Are Indifferent To Astronomy

Nada Surf - The Stars Are Indifferent To Astronomy gets 4 Stars

Some bands are forever saddled with the negative “one-hit wonder” label, in some cases it really isn’t fair to the band. Nada Surf is one of these bands. Most one-hit wonders have their sole hit as their best song; most Nada Surf fans will argue their breakthrough 90s hit “Popular” is nowhere near their best song. It doesn’t even sound like them really.

Nada Surf’s 7th album The Stars Are Indifferent To Astronomy shows that Matthew Caws and co. have refined guitar power pop into great songs. The opening track “Clear Eye Clouded Mind” sets a strong tone for the entire album. The following two songs create a great trio of songs that may match any three songs on any album in the band’s career. “Waiting For Something” is a great guitar driven sing along that echoes in your head long after it is over. “When I Was Young” is probably the softest sounding song on the record but it may also be the best.

The best tracks are unmistakably on the beginning of the album but the rest of the songs aren’t weak by any means. “Looking Through” and “Let The Fight Do The Fighting” are nice surprises at the end of the record along with the very strong closer “The Future”

Overall, Nada Surf just put together another very solid record. Their are no big hits here and you likely won’t see it on many album of the year lists in December but it is solid all the way through. Nobody that gives the record a spin should be disappointed either.

Key Tracks: “Waiting For Something” “When I Was Young” “Clear Eye Clouded Mind”

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