250 Word Album Review: Millions Of Boys – Competing For Your Love

Millions Of Boys - Competing For Your Love

Millions Of Boys - Competing For Your Love gets 3.5 Stars


Millions Of Boys is a three piece power punk band from the Midwest with a very coastal sound. They sound as if they could be part of a thriving scene of California indie bands. Their coastal sound is brewed in Omaha, Nebraska actually and that may help set them apart.

The light-hearted side of music isn’t something that is terribly common in the Midwest right now from my experience. Millions Of Boys bring a fun attitude to their music and it reflects on their recordings. This attitude is even reflected by their promotion of only selling 10 inch vinyl and not a much cheaper to produce CD at shows. With a female lead singer in Sara Bertuldo it is difficult not to think of Kim Deal style songs from the Pixies when listening to Competing For Your Love.

Side A hits the ground running with the blast straight into their strongest track “Dead Girls.” The crunch-fuzz guitars along with its sing-along chorus makes it a clear album highlight. Side A also feature the ode to lost pet (“Sparky + Mittens) and probably the band’s second strongest track in “Dudcats.”

“Dudcats” features the same punch musically as “Dead Girls” and has the brilliant chorus of “That girl is the bomb / But that bomb was dud.” Side B of the record fails to deliver as Side A does. The songs are still good but fail to stick with you the way the songs on the flipside had.

Key Tracks: “Dead Girls” Dudcats”

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