The Best of… The Decemberists

Best Of The Decemberists Front cover

Best Of The Decemberists back insert

I posted this article about a year ago on a Decemberists greatest hits album. If you have been paying attention here at Vocals On Top you’ll know that I am attempting to do artwork for these compilations I make now. This is the 4th installment of this. I have already had fun on these projects and plan to do more.

This one I did a while ago and wasn’t completely happy with it because it looked too much like a Christmas card.. Kind of cool in a corny way but not quite what I wanted. Still it is a nice design, I just think the red may have been a poor choice.

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2 Responses to The Best of… The Decemberists

  1. Criag says:

    I liked your background. Used it for my own compilation if you don’t mind. Changed the colour to an orange-ish tinge.

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