250 Word Album Review: Brendan Benson – What Kind Of World

Brendan Benson - What Kind Of World

Brendan Benson - What Kind Of World gets 3.5 Stars

Brendan Benson is in the Raconteurs with Jack White. Why is this relevant? Because of their similarities as solo artists. It is only appropriate that Benson’s latest album’s release would coincide with Jack White’s very first solo album release. They compliment each other well and you can even detect the similarities on their other work away from one another.

On Brendan Benson’s What Kind of World this is more apparent than ever. Benson tends to lean toward the pop side of things while Jack White relies a little more on heavy guitar licks to power his music. Benson is actually a stronger songwriter in many ways despite being much less known. On songs like “Keep Me” you will be convinced he has perfected catchy guitar pop-rock.

Most of Benson’s themes revolve around relationships, naturally, and his songs tend to be stronger when he keeps the pace faster. He releases his share of slower songs but his strength is in songs where he lets a simple, clean guitar riff keep the songs together like in “Light The Way.” “Bad For Me” is a good example of a slower songs that tends to drag a bit in comparison to the rockers that are more standard on What Kind of World.

The album is very much in line with his other four albums as very solid from start to finish. He has yet to record a masterpiece album but solid records like this one are hard to come by, especially with the consistency in which Benson releases them.

Key Tracks:  “Light Of Day” “Keep Me” “On The Fence”

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