250 Word Album Review: Todd Snider – Time As We Know It

Todd Snider - Time As We Know It

Todd Snider - Time As We Know It gets 2.5 Stars

Todd Snider has never hid his influences. He has never been so obvious on his latest record too. He recorded an entire record of Jerry Jeff Walker covers. He has always made no secret of his affinity for Jimmy Buffet, Billy Joe Shaver and of course Walker. This is his first record of entire covers.

The record sadly sounds a little flat and lifeless. Snider just released Agnostic Hymns & Stoner Fables a few months before Time As We Know It: The Songs Of Jerry Jeff Walker and the records couldn’t be more different. Fables was a pessimistic and dark record, it almost seems that Snider recorded Time As We Know It as a light hearted response to the first album. The Jerry Jeff Walker songs are playful and loose but Snider’s heart doesn’t sound into the songs.

The best song on the album is a sad song in “Little Bird” it just seems to fit Snider’s current mood better. Other songs like “Pissin’ In The Wind” and “Sangria Wine” just sound a little forced. There are a couple songs where Snider does get in vein of the songs an let loose a bit, mainly in “Takin’ It As It Comes” and the more downbeat “Hill County Rain.”

A new Todd Snider record is always a welcome addition to a record collection but unfortunately Time As We Know It seems to be just for hardcore Snider fans or curious Jerry Jeff Walker fans. Do yourself a favor and pick up Todd Snider’s Agnostic Hymns & Stoner Fables instead.

Key Tracks: “Little Bird” “Hill County Rain”

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