A word about Tuning Fork TV…

This music blog has been active for a little over a year now and I have done a few different things with it that people have liked but there are some things I would like to add that I simply can’t. The fellow St. Joseph, Missouri website Tuning Fork TV has picked up the slack on this.

Tuning Fork TV is much more of a visual website with a ton of great videos of local bands both live and in the studio. These are the kinds of things I wish I could do with Vocals On Top but there is simply no need to with Tuning Fork around. The videos are fantastic quality and the sound on them is superb as well. The guys putting together the content at Tuning Fork are doing a great job.

Many of the live videos are shows that I review on my site and they make great companion pieces to my articles. I recently linked to videos by Scruffy & The Janitors and Missouri Homegrown from their website. When they are available I will be sure to post more links to these videos on my website. I am officially endorsing Tuning Fork TV as a must check out website. Look for many links from my website to theirs in the future.

Tuning Fork TV

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