Career In Album Artwork: Heartless Bastards

Career In Album Artwork Heartless Bastards

I haven’t done a “Career In Album Artwork…” in a while so I thought I’d put one up. I randomly chose the Heartless Bastards. First of all some bands’ artwork really goes together well, The Heartless Bastards are NOT one of those bands. I imagine there would be ton of differing opinions on this order because of this.

One thing I knew going in was I did not like the collage artwork of The Mountain, so it is planted firmly at the bottom. I really like the simplicity of the buffalo on Arrow (plus it is a kick ass album) so it was at the top. I like the painted look of the debut album, it matches the music on the album as it is unclean and a little bit sloppy (both in a good way.) I have always been indifferent to the cover art of All This Time, it pretty much landed where it did by default.


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