Career In Album Artwork: Will Johnson

Career In Album Artwork Will Johnson

I’ve spoke before about how busy of a guy Will Johnson is… Centro-matic, South San Gabriel, New Multitudes, Monsters of Folk, etc. You’ll find none of that here. This graphic focuses on his solo work’s album covers.

It all started with the announcing of his new solo record The Scorpion due out September 11th. You can download for free a brand new song called “You Will Be Here, Mine” here. I thought, this is a really cool album cover so I decided to rank his solo career’s artwork.

Also look here to see if you are lucky enough to have Will Johnson and Anders Parker play a show near you. I see a couple open dates after the St. Louis show, I’m really hoping for a Kansas City/Lawrence/Omaha gig to be added, it may be the only way I’ll ever get to see Anders Parker.

So The Scorpion is the coolest… Molina & Johnson has always been pretty eye-catching to me and The Little Raider EP is a little eerie in a very cool way. I like Murder of Tides as well so he has strong album artwork. That is of course with the exception of Survey/Voyage which is terrible. Vultures Await may be under-ranked here, it is ambiguous and very intriguing but I definitely wouldn’t put it past The Scorpion, it is easily the best. Lets hope the album is as strong as his other solo work.

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