Introducing: Country Bingo! (Phil Vandel Bingo)

It’s no secret that country music songs overlap in themes often. You often hear about girls, trucks, women, dogs, beer etc. So while watching the greatly entertaining local musician Phil Vandel perform his mix of original songs, country covers and rock covers I decided playing a game of country bingo would be fun.

The concept is simple; a bingo board with common country phrases instead of numbers. This first card has some of the most common subject matters. It would be a great drinking game while watching his show. You could also sit in the back of your pickup truck on a dirt road and listen to counry radio and play. Phil Vandel is playing the Tap Room in St. Joseph this Wednesday so if you want to come out and play a game of bingo you can just see Phil’s fiance, manager and boss Kim for a bingo card.

If you would like a selection of the 6 Country Bingo cards let me know and I can send jpgs or pdfs of them to you by email.

Here is an example of a card:

Phil Vandel Country Bingo card

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