Concert Review: First Saturday at The Lucky Tiger

Lucky Tiger First Saturdays 1/11/12, Zale Bledsoe, The GasTown Lamps, Wade Williamson and Andy Grooms.

In-store record performances are über cool. Browsing through vintage vinyl records while listening to a performer on acoustic guitar is a great way to spend an afternoon. The Lucky Tiger in downtown St. Joseph, Missouri has now had several of these in-store performances that bring a steady flow of people into the store. They hosted their first, First Saturday on November 3rd.

The Lucky Tiger has made downtown cool again. Their loyal patrons not only show for these events but it brings in whole new people. While performers softly played in the background customers browsed not only the records but all the vintage clothing throughout the day. Zale Bledsoe would lead off an afternoon filled by local acts such as Wade Williamson, The Early Brothers, The GasTown Lamps and Andy Grooms. The store full of vintage memorabilia opened up their back room for art displays, food and drinks as well.

Lets hope the First Saturdays continue at The Lucky Tiger, they are great fun and a fantastic way to gear up for a big Saturday night. It’s all part of not only making downtown St. Joseph a desirable place to go again but also give a shot in the arm to the local music scene.

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