250 Word Album Review: Aaron Blumer – Aaron Blumer

Aaron Blumer Self-Titled album gets 3 stars

Aaron Blumer Self-Titled album gets 3 stars


Aaron Blumer embraced the country lifestyle. On his self-titled debut album his song “Livin’ Like A Country Song” pretty much explains it all. The themes heard on the album released in April of this year are nothing out of the ordinary  All the usual suspects are here; girls, dirt roads, beer, getting fired and lost loves. Don’t worry though, Blumer keeps from delving into douchbaggery of Toby Keith and artist like him who shamelessly pander to their crowd.

The songs sound personal enough that they are believable unlike many current country artists you’ll hear on the radio. The songs on Aaron Blumer are very much pop country. The line between pop and country has been becoming really blurry in recent years, to the point where the line really doesn’t exist. The songs are all sing-along worthy and could really be called pop songs. Tracks like “She Never Hit The Ground” will have you singing them in your head hours after you listen. The songs have a clean, well recorded sound and sound every bit as good as modern country radio favorites. The heartfelt lyrics are accompanied not only by a full band but nice clean electric guitar leads. Blumer’s songs occasionally even venture in raunchy guitar territory as well on songs like “Moonlight” and “See Here Coming.”

The highlights on the record could easily fit in with any modern country playlist with the catchiness of songs like “Hard To Hold Onto” and “Pried It Out.” The album is a smooth listen all the way through and has the heart and honesty that a good country record should.

Key Tracks: “She Never Hit The Ground” “Pried It Out” “Hard To Hold Onto”

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