250 Word Album Review: Local H – Another February EP

Local H - Another February EP

Local H - Another February EP gets 3.5 stars

Local H has never been afraid to throw cover songs out to the public. They regularly cover songs in their live sets despite building an expansive catalog at this point. They are often current covers which makes them unique. They band usually goes into the studio and records them as well and makes them available for the fans that want to seek them out.

The Another February EP contains two more covers by the band. A cover of The National’s “Terrible Love” and and epic and ambitious cover of Rush’s “2112 Overture / Temples Of Syrinx.” The other three songs are altered versions from their most recent album Hallelujah, I’m A Bum. The title track is simply a radio edit but the other two are vastly different. “Look Who’s Rocking On Four Legs Again” is an amped up version of the country-tinged “Look Who’s Walking On Four Legs Again” and “Waves” gets the opposite treatment being stripped down to a simple acoustic version. “Waves” in its more bare form is shown as what a good song it actually is. The “Look Who’s Rocking…” version is more representative of how the band performs it live so it has a lot of value on the EP as well.

The covers are good. Scott Lucas and drummer Brian St. Clair seem to have a hard-on for Rush, so “2112” makes perfect sense for them to cover and Local H really throws themselves all the way into the song. “Terrible Love” is an underrated indie song and it’s nice to see it get a nice nod from the veteran Chicago duo on this EP.

Key Tracks: “2112 Overture / Temples Of Syrinx” “Waves Again (Acoustic)”

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