Coming Soon: Eric Sommer

Eric Sommer / For The Sound 2013 concert poster.

WHO’S PERFORMING?  Eric Sommer (Boston, MA) For The Sound (St. Joseph, MO)

WHAT TO EXPECT?  To be left in awe…

For The Sound is the one man wrecking crew that is Zale Bledsoe. Look for his heartfelt solo acoustic tunes to fill a relaxing set. He is also sure to throw in a couple Dsoedean songs for good measure. He should have a new EP available there too. It hopefully will contain his new song “Fever” that ranks as one of the best songs he has written.

Eric Sommer tours pretty much non-stop. Just look at the tour dates on his website, he is booked months in advance pretty much just touring in circles around the US. He will bring his expansive arsenal of around 7 guitars to the stage and meticulously set them up around his seat in front of the mic for the show. All of them will get played and each one is there for a reason and serves a purpose of its own. He will pluck, strum and rock out into the early morning hours.

Sommer is touring behind his album “Rainy Day Karma” and will be sure to hit that record hard with his setlist. Last time he gave out free domino pins and clothes pins with his website on them; if you show up, you just might get one of your own. Not only does Sommer have music to peddle but also sells unique little poetry books and posters.

WHERE IS IT?  The Cafe Acoustic, 2605 Frederick Ave., St Joseph, MO 64506

WHEN IS IT?  Friday, April 26, 2013; 9:30pm, 21+ FREE

WHY SHOULD I GO?  For The Sound is an unappreciated local act. It is songwriting stripped down to its bare bones with no bass, drums or distortion to protect it. Sometimes the best music is when it is played with a fearless vulnerability.

On a personal note; Eric Sommer is one of the most impressive guitar players I have ever seen live. I’m sure there are better but I’m also sure that they won’t be playing the Cafe Acoustic anytime soon. He is a true touring artist that travels the country doing what he loves. The most enjoyable part of seeing Sommer play may be seeing how comfortable and enjoyable playing is to him.

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