Coming Soon: Care To Learn benefit with Eyelit and The Souveneers

Care To Learn fundraiser event poster with Eyelit and The Souveneers.

WHO’S PLAYING?  Eyelit (St. Joseph, MO) Souveneers (St. Joseph, MO)

WHAT TO EXPECT?  Great original music… and prizes!

The Souveneers are a great shape-shifting band led by the throw back vocals and songwriting of Jerrad Hardin. Hardin is flanked by one, two or several other musicians that involved in the band. If you’re lucky, Colby Walter will be present adding his Dwight Yoakam-style americana guitar and exercising some demons on mandolin. Brean Reiley sometimes adds her sweet, soft vocals and ukulele  Seth Campbell will play some upright bass with the group and add an entire dynamic to the band while Dustin Hawkins works the drum kit. Other musicians may or may not be involved. This makes nearly every Souveneers performance a one of a kind show and you should be sorry if you miss any of them, I know I have been.

Eyelit will put you to sleep. Not in a bad way; their music will put you in a state of bliss that leaves you totally satisfied and wondering how such a clean, refined, quiet sound could come from this group of musicians. Led by the husband-wife duo of Austin and Dansare Marks; Eyelit is sure to leave you impressed. Austin Marks is a  great songwriter choosing every word very carefully and Dansare’s vocals will simply blow you away. Dansare Marks easily has the most beautiful voice of any member of any of the bands in St. Joseph. The backing band could pull out drums or a banjo or some instruments that only more educated people than I could tell you the name of.

WHERE IS IT?  The First Ward House, 2101 St. Joseph Avenue, St. Joseph, MO 64505

WHEN IS IT?  Friday, May 17th, 2013; 9:00 pm, 21+ $5

WHY SHOULD I GO?  For the kids…

Care To Learn is a non-profit group that help kids of different ages get the things they need. This includes health, hunger and hygiene, the most basic and most important things a child should be provided with. While there are several chapters of Care To Learn all the proceeds from this benefit will stay local. The group is run by local volunteers so 100% of the money raised at this show (and other events) will go straight to the children in need. This is the first (and right now) only chapter in Northwest Missouri and is organized by Union Star’s own Mindi Phillips.

You can check them out here:

There will be prizes as well. Gift cards and from what I am hearing a lot of other really cool stuff will raffled off and there may even be silent auction if you aren’t feeling so lucky. You can get a sneak peak at the items by visiting the above link and while you’re at it give their facebook page a like.

For the slim cost of $5 you can see two great local talents and know your money will go to buy needy children anything from toothbrushes to wheelchairs. Donations will also be accepted from patrons with especially warm hearts. The true prize will be getting to hear these two great original bands play tons of original music. Watch out in particular for The Souveneers to play “I Carry Her With Me” and “Blood Diamond” and Eyelit to play “Motionless” and “High.”


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