250 Word Local Album Review: Dsoedean – Continue To Move

Dsoedean - Continue To Move

From the opening notes of “Daylight” to the closing sounds of “Continue To Move” Dsoedean’s first full-length album is a carefully planned out group of songs that doesn’t cut corners anywhere. The unique drumming of Bobby Dean Floyd laces the Zale Bledsoe penned songs with the perfect backdrop for this autobiographical album. Marcus Words’ subtle poppy bass lines let Colby Allen Walter wander on keyboards and additional guitars to texture the songs and add an appropriate weirdness to each track.

On songs like “Perfect World” Bledsoe stretches his vocals to the edge of their range while having a personal tone anyone can relate to. The experimentation on several songs like “When The Bankers Go To Lunch” and “Find A Way” keep Continue To Move from turning into a mountainous affair while songs like “Daylight” and “Shuffle Your Feet” could easily flow through radio airwaves instead of whatever the richest label is pushing.

This album is carefully crafted, recorded well and has the mixing punch of any national record you will hear. Seeing these songs develop live over the past year or two live has made the release of Continue To Move all that much more special for me. This is a great listen from beginning to end and has the legs to gain popularity far beyond its local beginnings. Maybe I am too close to the situation to fairly judge this record or maybe Dsoedean has made the finest, most professional damn record St. Joseph has ever seen.

Key Tracks: “Daylight” “Perfect World” “Continue To Move”

You can pick up Continue To Move at the This Tall Records bandcamp page, you can pre-order the cd or a limited edition cassette here: http://thistallrecords.bandcamp.com/album/continue-to-move. Also watch out for a 7″ vinyl single very soon (rumor has it that it will be clear.)

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