Coming Soon: J. Boozer’s return to St. Joe!

J. Boozer at First Ward in St. Joseph, Mo poster

WHO’S PLAYING?  Jay Boozer (St. Louis, MO) Two Piece Animator (St. Joseph, MO)

WHAT TO EXPECT?  A one man band!…  and a four piece band with “two piece” in their name…

Two Piece Animator is hitting local venues hard with their mix of indie rock and love of 90’s alternative. The group’s unique vocalists give the group a one of a kind sound backed by superior musicianship. The group (fresh with a new bass player) is inching closer to the release of their first full length album and rumor has it that there is some vinyl in the works as well.

J. Boozer is a one man band that not only carries a few different instruments with him but also is always towing a good time. The self-proclaimed “drunkest band in the world” brings a very loose approach to his shows and uses alcohol as a weapon making it an asset to his show instead of letting it hinder him. The songs will make you laugh if you pay attention and possibly even if you are too drunk to pay attention. The fast strums of an acoustic guitar paired with various ways of making drum sounds create a high energy punkish mix that is sure to entertain.

WHERE IS IT?  The First Ward House, 2101 St. Joseph Avenue, St. Joseph, MO 64505

WHEN IS IT?  Saturday, June 1st, 2013; 9:00 pm, 21+ $5

WHY SHOULD I GO? Two Piece Animator is looking to continue to build and audience and will prime the crowd for the craziness to ensue afterward. Animator will be tight and nail their songs, like always.

J. Boozer will get drunk. If one thing is for certain it is probably that. He will likely be at one point on the floor flailing around and the possibility of him getting hurt is pretty good. The First Ward should do pretty well at the bar and I’m sure they will have backup cases of alcohol for the event. What better stress relief could you have than this?

Oh, one more thing, a quote from the man himself:

“O IT’S ON MUTHA F*CKERS!!!!!!!!!!” – J. Boozer

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