250 Word Album Review: Langhorne Slim & The Law – The Way We Move

Langhorne Slim - The Way We Move

Langhorne Slim - The Way We Move gets 4 stars

Langhorne Slim has improved with each of his first four full-length albums. The Way We Move is the most recent being released in 2012 and therefor the best in his/the group’s catalog. This album shakes no ground musically and doesn’t take a ton of chances but the result is a finely crafted collection of pop-folk songs that don’t wear on the listener with repeated spins.

Slim’s vocals are the first thing you will notice; if you dig the raspy delivery of the songs you are sure to get into this record. From the first strums of “The Way We Move” you will be hooked. The exuberant delivery of this song and many of the tracks that follow keep each listen interesting. The country twang of songs like “Found My Heart” and “Two Crooked Hearts” show what kind of music is in the group’s wheelhouse but ins’t the extent of what they can do. “Fire” and “Past Lives” show a soulful side to the band’s twang. They even take on slow and intimate songs in “Coffee Cups” and the very heartfelt “Song For Sid.”

What you get in the end is a great record that may not change the way you listen to music but will be something you will be glad to pull out of your record collection and give a fresh spin every now and then. With Langhorne Slim’s track record now; we can only hope the trend continues and the next record ups the anti just a little bit more.

Key Tracks: “The Way We Move” “Found My Heart” “Past Lives”

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