Coming Soon: Colby Walter sings Dylan

Colby Walter sings Dylan poster


WHO’S PERFORMING?  Colby Walter (St. Joseph, MO)

WHAT TO EXPECT?  A lot of Bob Dylan songs…

Even one Bob Dylan cover is about enough to get me dressed and out the door but a whole night of them? What good have I done to deserve this? Hell Yes! This is going to be awesome!

Colby Walter will be conducting the tribute and he can pretty much dominate any song he attempts. Walter is one of the best (if not the best) musician in St. Joseph and watching him in any of his many projects is a pleasure. This will be an acoustic evening with just Walter and the mic. The concentration will be solely on Walter and the Bob Dylan songbook.

WHERE IS IT?  The Cafe Acoustic, 2605 Frederick Ave., St. Joseph, MO 64506

WHEN IS IT?  Thursday, June 13, 2013; 9:00pm, 21+ FREE

WHY SHOULD I GO? Bob Dylan is the greatest songwriter of all time and it will be an evening of all his songs.

It’s the Cafe Acoustic so that means it is FREE! Even if you aren’t sure just pop in and watch one or two songs; no obligation, no money down, just try it. I’m sure you will find a seat and indulge in a few more songs from the always intriguing Dylan catalog. While you are there get a cold beverage and drop some ones in the waitress’ hand and a few in the tip bucket for Colby.

It is sure to eclipse the Johnny Cash tribute held a few months ago. Walter will honor the songs and not just play the Bob Dylan songs everybody knows as well. Sure he might take on well known songs like “Tangled Up In Blue” and “Just Like A Woman” but you can also expect him to dive dangerously deep into the Dylan vaults and attempt songs like “Motorpsycho Nightmare” and the supremely obscure “Up To Me.” I can’t wait to see what gets played.

One more thing, it’s Walter… not Walters… You wouldn’t call the man of the hour Bob Dylans would you?

See you there.

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