Coming Soon: Dsoedean’s Continue To Move!

Dsoedean album release poster with Scuffy & The Janitors and Cupcake.

WHO’S PLAYING?  Dsoedean (St. Joseph, MO) Cupcake (St. Joseph, MO) Scruffy & The Janitors (St. Joseph, MO)

WHAT TO EXPECT?  A new addition to your record collection! Get a copy of Dsoedean’s full length album Continue To Move on CD. You can also get some Dsoedean vinyl if you like that sort of thing… I know I do. The 7″ single contains “Daylight” and “Remainder One” on a spiffy looking CLEAR slab of vinyl with cool unique artwork.

I was lucky enough to get a chance to listen to Continue To Move before its release; here is what I thought of it:

Dsoedean is the solid rock of St. Joseph. Zale Bledsoe and company are a hard working band that has brought many acts to town over the last couple years and are an important piece in the jigsaw puzzle that is the St. Joseph music scene. They bring a high energy level to each show and this particular show is over two years in the making so they should ramp up the enthusiasm for it.

Scuffy & The Janitors continue to impress St. Joe crowds. Many bands in the town push the same songs and same set on people repeatedly but this young band will have none of it. Each show seems to unveil new songs to their already impressive arsenal. They released their first album Pino just over a half year ago but to the band it was a lifetime ago. The group has moved to greener pastures where the songs are better and the expectations grow with each new jam they write.

Cupcake brings an abstractness to each show. The music might make you uncomfortable or make you wonder what the band is doing. As a veteran of several Cupcake shows I can tell you first hand that everything has its place in their music and if it doesn’t fit where it sounds like it should; it is still every bit intentional. Test your tolerance for different music and take in a Cupcake set.

WHERE IS IT?  The First Ward House, 2101 St. Joseph Avenue, St. Joseph, MO 64505

WHEN IS IT?  Saturday, June 22nd, 2013; 9:00 pm, 21+ $10 ticket and you get a FREE CD or FREE clear 7″ vinyl single)


  • To get a copy of Dsoedean’s first full length album Continue To Move!
  • To get a copy of Dsoedean’s 7″ single on CLEAR vinyl! (you should probably buy it and the CD)
  • Dsoedean really worked hard on this record, it is over a year in the making.
  • You get to keep your cool ticket stub!
  • You get to see Scruffy and Cupcake battle it out for best opening act of the night.
  • Three of St. Joe’s best bands will be sharing the same stage and they will all look to push each other’s performances to an even higher level.
  • You can chill on the First Ward deck if it gets too awesome inside for you…
  • You can shake your hips, have a cold drink and forget you have a job!
  • It is an important night for St. Joe music; get out and support these guys.
  • RSVP here to show your support and show your friends where you will be on Saturday:
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