Coming Soon: Megajoos, Jerkface and Third Wounded Man

Megajoos, Jerkface and Third Wounded Man poster for The First Ward in St. Joseph, MO

WHO’S PLAYING?  Megajoos (Nashville, TN) Jerkface (St. Joseph, MO) Third Wounded Man (St. Joseph, MO)

WHAT TO EXPECT?  Ear bleeding fun…

Megajoos is a 2 piece band with heavy distorted bass and drums from the country music capitol of the world; Nashville, Tennessee. They don’t quite fit the typical Nashville mold as they are loud, wild and will rape your eardrums if you let your guard down. Like many two piece bands they are commonly much louder than bands with more members. The indie stomp of their music is hard-edged and filled with distortion all for your listening pleasure.

Jerkface is a shape-shifting band with several members. The band has many different sounds but are likely most closely defined as surf rock despite being landlocked about as far from any ocean as you can be in the United States. The band’s sound is driven by the vocals and vintage distortion of Jesse James’ guitar and is truly made unique by the addition of trombone player Pete Bailey.

Third Wounded Man is the latest beast project led by local hard rock pioneer Todd Cooper. The pounding drums and heavy guitar and bass make for a loud and abrasive band that stays away from “screamo” territory. The group is a rare treat as they can be billed with very heavy metal bands and groups that are a little more crafty like Jerkface and Megajoos. These tightly crafted songs are sure to get the crowd primed for an intense evening of music and will start things off right.

WHERE IS IT?  The First Ward House, 2101 St. Joseph Avenue, St. Joseph, MO 64505

WHEN IS IT?  Friday, July 12th, 2013; 9:00 pm, 21+ $5


  • Megajoos are from out of town and might not be back soon, if ever… seize the day!
  • The evening’s diversity should satisfy you if you love indie-rock, heavy metal or punk.
  • Jerkface carries a certain unpredictable element with them, so it’s hard to tell how it will all go down.
  • Jerkface drummer Brian Shank has told 126 people about this show… 3 times each. He will be disappointed if you don’t get your ass there. He seems excited about it.
  • If my math is correct it will be less than $2 per band, I got to a lot of shows and that’s cheap!
  • Get there early, The First Ward has some pretty good food and spirituous beverages to go with it.
  • RSVP here to show your support and let your friends know where you will be:
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