250 Word Album Review: Spacehog – As It Is On Earth

Spacehog - As It Is On Earth

Spacehog - As It Is On Earth gets 3.5 stars

Spacehog returns after a hiatus of about a decade with their fourth album As It Is On Earth and you can’t tell they took a second off. The Hogyssey was released in 2001 and it appeared it might be the group’s final gift to their fans. They have returned now after 12 years but surely the Langdon brothers have grown up a bit, entered adulthood and their music will have a completely different sound right? Nope.

The prime example is the playfulness of “Oh, Dinosaur” with its sweeping chorus and bouncy drums. The unmistakable catchiness of tracks like “I Wish You Well” will make you think you heard these songs ten years ago and you are rediscovering something you forgot you loved. The strongest track here is “Love Is A Curious Thing” which just may stand as the band’s best song since 1995’s Resident Alien.

Some bands feel the need to grow and stretch their limits to be artistically relevant and others are comfortable just doing what they do best. Spacehog falls into the latter category. The songs here could easily fit on any of their records, whether it be from 1995 or from 2013. If you have ever liked Spacehog, at any point, you will probably like this record because it is catchy and has good songwriting but don’t expect this album to change your life, It will just make a nice little addition to it.

Key Tracks: “Love Is A Curious Thing” “I Wish You Well” “Oh, Dinosaur”

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