250 Word Album Review: The Please Please Me – Shake A Little Harder

The Please Please Me - Shake A Little Harder

The Please Please Me - Shake A Little Harder EP gets 4 stars

The Please Please Me’s first release as a band finds them capturing exactly what their music is all about. It is a squeeky clean pop record not afraid to add a “hey, hey, hey” or some “ah ah ahs” if it feels right. With the smooth vocals of Jessie Torrisi, the group has crafted five pop gems for their first EP that will leave you hungry like me for more.

You might see the band live hitting songs from Torissi’s solo album, Brûler Brûler, but the singer-songwriter vibe doesn’t really embody what she has done with The Please Please Me. This is where Shake A Little Harder is so important to the group; they have honed in on their sound and have something to sell that really represents what they do.

“All Danced Out” is a song clearly in defiance of its title as it would be a tragedy for someone to be all danced out if this song is on the stereo and the more gentle “She Leaves Notes” with its subtle, booming, sythy drums still keeps up the group’s bouncy sound. The cello in the band is prominently featured on “Dreamin'” making it one of the groups stronger moments despite the fact of not being very dancable and the background vocals make the song itself dreamy.

Bands often try to stretch themselves artistically and push themselves to be better, either doing something great or losing themselves along the way. The first step is finding themselves as a band and it appears that is what The Please Please me have done with Shake A Little Harder.

Key Tracks: “All Danced Out” “Dreamin'”


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