Coming Soon: Missouri Homegrown album release show

The cover of Missouri Homegrown's first album "You Asked For It..." a live album recorded live at Cafe Acoustic in St. Joseph, MO.

WHO’S PLAYING?  Missouri Homegrown (St. Joseph, MO) Scruffy & The Janitors (St. Joseph, MO)

WHAT TO EXPECT? Missouri Homegrown’s first album to finally be in your dirty little hands…

Missouri Homegrown is one of the best live acts in town. They draw a rough, loud and sometimes obnoxious crowd. This will be their biggest show to date and you should expect something pretty damn cool. It will NOT be like every other Missouri Homegrown show you have seen. They will have new merch for sale (I’ve seen it myself) and if you want a little hint there will be another great new Missouri Homegrown design/logo for you to drool at. The band will be different on stage as well. The will put together an interesting mix of songs including several from the album. I’m hoping they will throw in that N’Sync cover they have been working so hard on.

Expect something WAY different from Scruffy & The Janitors. Steven Foster, the band’s bass player and lead singer, is temporarily not with the band. (He got a job, not in detox or anything) Cody Hudson (of Dsoedean fame) will be holding down the bass lines while guitarist Teriq Newton will bravely step to the mic and try to howl like Foster.

WHERE IS IT?  The Cafe Acoustic; 2605 Frederick Ave. St. Joseph, MO 64506

WHEN IS IT?  Friday, August 23rd, 2013; 9:00pm, 21+ FREE


  • It’s FREE
  • You can pick up your very own copy of Missouri Homegrown’s album, then you can listen to them in your car whenever you want.
  • Cafe Acoustic will be stocking up on PBR for the show, it would be embarrassing to run out. Lets try to embarrass them…
  • Teriq Newton will SING! He will take over on lead vocals for Scruffy & The Janitors
  • There will be new Missouri Homegrown merch! collectors get there early
  • There are rumors of other cool things I can’t say, but I assure you there will be other cool stuff
  • Okay, let’s face it… you’re already going; I’m wasting my time.
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