250 Word Local Album Review: Matthew Coman – No Other Animal

Matthew Coman - No Other Animal

The title of Matthew Coman’s album No Other Animal might lead you to believe that you won’t hear a wide variety of music on it. It is actually a stylistic blender of songs each with a personality of their own. The themes attacked on No Other Animal are repeated but there is no shortage of experimentation here.

Many influences pop up throughout the record but none are overdone or too apparent. The yearning, desperation of “Fix On You” is the first standout track you’ll hear with its low, rumbling vocals and screeching guitar. “Slide With Me” follows with some jangly “Willie and the Hand Jive” style guitar. Many times in listening to No Other Animal you can hear Keith Richards influenced guitar playing and on a few tracks like “See The Light” you’ll hear the proud strut of Rolling Stones inspired vocals to match. Late on the album the most Beatles-sounding track pops up in “When You’re Down” with its gentle acoustic strums. The lyrics “I was set on you and I’m still set on you” seem to tie together to the early album lyrics “I’ve got a fix on you” from “Fix On You.”

The album is incredibly well recorded with a nice clean sound all the way through. All the songs feel like they were recorded as a group, really helping the tracks stick together as a whole. No Other Animal is a prime example of how good a collection of sharply crafted songs, when well recorded, can sound.

Key Tracks: “Fix On You” “The Last Setting Sun” “See The Light”

If you would like to listen to some samples from this album or better yet; buy it, go to the following link: http://matthewcoman.bandcamp.com/album/no-other-animal

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