Concert Review: Lucero Family Picnic 8/10/13 Little Rock, AR

Lucero Family Picnic 2013 poster


Lucero’s 2013 family picnic didn’t go as planned. The much anticipated Tennessee white vinyl pressing was sadly not ready in time for the show and would have to be pre-ordered and shipped out later. It was limited to 500 copies and was to work as a centerpiece of show as the band would perform the album in its entirety live on stage.

The stage turned out to be a shape-shifting thing during the show even. The hot temperatures would be aided by pouring rain. This is good for the Arkansas crops; bad for any band playing an outdoor venue on that day. The rain would delay the show at the Riverfest Amphitheatre. The show would be moved temporarily to a shelter where it was difficult to hear anything then later to a bar where the band would scramble to corral the die-hard crowd indoors and it was a struggle to get the whole band in one place. Later the skies would somewhat clear up and the band would finally take to the big stage. It was a scattered and hectic night but the band busted through a long, long list of songs and made their ferocious fanbase happy.

Lucero setlist from Lucero Family picnic: Riverfest Amphitheatre, Little Rock, AR 8/10/13:


  • unknown
  • Take Shelter
  • All Sewn Up
  • Chain Link Fence
  • My Best Girl
  • unknown


  • Texas & Tennessee
  • Nights Like These
  • Slow Dancing
  • Goodbye Again
  • Sweet Little Thing
  • Women & Work
  • I’ll Just Fall
  • Bike Riders
  • Darby’s Song
  • Into Your Eyes
  • Better Than This


  • That Much Further West
  • Downtown
  • Sweet Little Thing
  • Slow Dancing
  • Nights Like These
  • Ain’t So Lonely
  • Old Sad Songs
  • Chain Link Fence
  • Fistful of Tears
  • The Last Song
  • When You’re Gone
  • I’ll Just Fall
  • Here At The Starlite
  • Darby’s Song
  • Into Your Eyes
  • Tears Don’t Matter Much
  • Drink ‘Til We’re Gone
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2 Responses to Concert Review: Lucero Family Picnic 8/10/13 Little Rock, AR

  1. Ola! Vocalsontop,
    Thanks for that, Okay i have this class and for this assignment i had to go to a concert review their performance. and it was symphonic band and i had no idea what they were doing or what to rate them on. But what i know is i have to write a one paragraph review and i have no clue what to write about.
    this were the pieces they played
    March By Paul Hindemith
    Night on bald mountain By modest Moussorgsky
    Elsas Procession to the cathedral By richard wagner
    Mississippi suite by ferde grofe
    La gazz ladra by gioacchino rossini.

    Nice One!

    • VocalsOnTop says:

      Tough one, that’s over my head. Performances involve much more than just music; environment always has a lot to do with shows and so does the audience’s reaction. Reviews should include some of those things as well.

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