250 Word Local Album Review: Missouri Homegrown – You Asked For It…

The cover of Missouri Homegrown's first album "You Asked For It..." a live album recorded live at Cafe Acoustic in St. Joseph, MO.

Missouri Homegrown blasts out of the gate with their first release as a live album. You Asked For It… was recorded live in from of the band’s most dedicated fans right in their hometown of St. Joseph, Missouri.

The punch of “Bad Boy Blues” is radio ready while the guitar fusion of “Jesus” will warp your mind. The record has its share of twang with “Whiskey Again” and “Blame It” but also has balls to the wall rockers in “Another Way To Kick” and “Take You Down.” Whether you indulge or not you will be singing along with “gettin’ high in Missouri tonight” on “High In Missouri” and “blame it on the whiskey; blame it on the goddam cocaine” during “Blame It.”

The glossy pop of “Bright Lights” might surprise you and the storytelling on “Wagon Wheel Motel” will pull you in but there are no hidden messages here; just straight forward punch you in the face rock and roll. With Shay Fadden’s raspy vocals and Steve Hurley’s guitar hooks and exuberance you can’t help but want more, until then just remember that most cd players have a repeat button. The barroom take on the band’s sound was really the only way for their first album to be recorded. It is hard to imagine the band replicating the rowdy sound in the studio. Lucky for us You Asked For It… is a live album and was recorded live and imbibed; just the way it should have been.

Key Tracks: “Blame It” “Jesus” “Bad Boy Blues”

This album is available digitally on iTunes: https://itunes.apple.com/us/artist/missouri-homegrown/id687162751?ign-mpt=uo%3D4

If you are like me and need physical copies of music you can order one here: http://renickstreetrecords.com/release/missouri-homegrown-you-asked-for-it/

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