250 Word Album Review: Jim James – Regions of Light and Sound of God

Jim James - Regions of Light and Sounds of God

Jim James - Regions of Light and Sounds of God gets 1.5 stars

The My Morning Jacket lead singer stepping out from behind the mask of the band was a terribly appealing idea and could have proven to be great. Instead, the many fans of Jim James / Yim Yames and My Morning Jacket were left with two things: the album Regions of Light and Sounds of God and disappointment.

Regions of Light and Sounds of God is really a confusing record. Is it a religious album? At times it feels like it but it doesn’t quite seem to fit the bill (see lyrics like “I believe in the concept of you” on “Actress.”) The record lacks the punch of MMJ recordings like “One Big Holiday” that made droves of fans adore James and his band; maybe that is why this isn’t a MMJ record though. What we are left with is an overall very slow, gentle record where strings coat nearly every song like a think layer of turtle wax that is enough to change the color of your car.

There are a couple teases of what James has done that is so great but they aren’t enough to make you want to pull the record off the shelf and put it on. His first full-length solo release seems to be geared at a completely different audience. It makes sense that James would try to pay homage to George Harrison’s All Things Must Pass (his first solo record also) but Regions of Light and Sounds of God just feels different than that giant record by Harrison did. Hopefully MMJ will be back soon.

Key Track: “Dear One”

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