250 word album review: God Is An Astronaut – Origins

God Is An Astronaut - Origins

God Is An Astronaut - Origins gets 3 stars

The great thing about instrumental albums is that a band is forced to push their boundaries to keep from getting monotonous. You’ll find an abundance of styles on God Is An Astronaut’s record Origins. Each passing song will take you on a journey that lets its own unique scenarios play out in your head.

The guitar, drums and bass must all share time and space with horns, keyboards and other electronic noises. If you had to pigeonhole the music it would be instrumental electronica. The synth-heavy songs often range to an outer space feel with coats of relaxed electronica like on “Reverse World.” Some songs are led by a solid bass grooves or even a drum beat but they all get their flavor from a thick coating of keyboards.

Origins could just as easily be a soundtrack to a sci-fi movie; the futuristic “Weightless” can attribute to that. You can almost feel the tension of a sneak attack in the works during “Red Moon Lagoon” and track a high speed chase during “Transmissions” and follow all the way to the final credits rolling during “Light Years From Home.”

Instrumental records are so open to interpretation that they can be what you make them. God Is An Astronaut definitely hits their mark musically on Origins but the only problem is that there is little to make the listener come back to it. It is a great album to be in the background while something else is going on but will fail to have you searching your CD collection to pull it out much.

Key Tracks: “Reverse World” “Weightless”

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