Coming Soon: Missouri Homegrown / Scruffy & The Janitors / The Souveneers

Homegrown House Party Poster

WHO’S PLAYING?  Missouri Homegrown (St. Joseph, MO) Scruffy & The Janitors (St. Joseph, MO) The Souveneers (St. Joseph, MO)

WHAT TO EXPECT?  Some unsupervised craziness…

The Souveneers are going to loosen the crowd up. Their american-folk with a some rockabilly flair will be a perfect way to fire the evening up. They are preparing to record their first EP soon and are playing new material all the time.

Scruffy & The Janitors don’t get to play often now so they are sure to let loose. Their first album Pino is little more than a distant memory for these ambitious youngsters. They have a ton of new songs in the bank ranging from garage rock to psych rock to just plain rump shakin’ groovy; expect them to bust out all of that and more.

Missouri Homegrown is fresh off the release of their first album …You’re Gonna Get It and they are starting to venture in new directions now. As they pull songs from their past they have stopped playing and add new songs to the mix, look for a very different stage show than what you have grown accustomed to over the last year.

WHERE IS IT?  Homegrown HQ, 220 S. 8th.(enter through glass double doors) St. Joseph, MO 64501

WHEN IS IT?  Friday, November 8th, 2013; 9:00pm, 21+ $5 at the door. BYOB


  • The Souveneers are playing so there will be dancing
  • The Souveneers seem to have droves of pretty young ladies that like to go to their shows and dance
  • Scruffy & The Janitors lead singer Steven Foster’s work schedule prevents the band from playing many shows so any chance you get to see them you should probably go
  • Scruffy is recording new material; look for them to break a lot of it out here
  • Missouri Homegrown is hosting the event; don’t expect them to take your coat though…
  • Missouri Homegrown is sure to play loose, they could do things they haven’t done at traditional shows because they will be in their own element, we’ve all heard about new songs and dangerous new directions, this might be the avenue for them to explore that
  • It is 3 bands for $5… seems like a no-brainer
  • It is BYOB so drink what you want; it will be a lot cheaper for you too
  • Cab rides in St. Joseph are a maximum of $8; there is no reason to drive drunk
  • The party won’t end, their isn’t a bar to close, this thing could go on for days
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