Coming Soon: GasTown Lamps (with a new member) / Sexwolph 11/9/13 at Cafe Acoustic

GasTown Lamps and Sexwolph poster for the November 9th show at Cafe Acoustic.

WHO’S PLAYING?  GasTown Lamps (St. Joseph, MO) Sexwolph (St. Joseph, MO)

WHAT TO EXPECT? A whole new side of the GasTown Lamps…

The evening will start with a set by Sexwolph. You might expect death metal with the name but it will actually be a heartfelt alt-country set filled with scars and broken hearts; just the way a Sexwolph set should be. Sexwolph singer Wade Williamson will be belting out songs off his many EPs and his latest release, a cassette on This Tall Records titled “Twang As Fuck.” Expect to hear such favorites as “Out Alive” “Summer Dress” and “Women, Whiskey, Weed & Pills” as well as the possibility of a carefully chosen cover like “Suspicious Minds” or maybe an old Ryan Adams tune.

The GasTown Lamps started out as a two piece outfit a couple years ago before adding the powerful beard of Stephen Williamson on bass and now a new chapter for the band will start as a second guitarist, Teriq Newton of Scruffy & The Janitors fame, will join Williamson, and co-founding members Jason Baines on drums and singer and guitarist Todd Ward. Sonically it ups the ante instantly for the band. The volume will undoubtedly be pushed up into the red as the songs will take on more energy and power.

If this sounds familiar, you’re right. Newton shared the stage with the group earlier this year at the GasTown Lamps album release party for the Heavy Trunk EP. He and fellow Scruffy member Steven Foster helped GasTown with their song “Shake The Night.” You can watch a video of the performance below. At the time it was just a guest appearance but as the bond between Newton and the band grew stronger, joining forces started to make a lot of sense.


The group’s main songwriter Todd Ward has seen things turning out this way for a while. Newton just made sense as he was a close friend of the band and as Ward puts it: “my favorite guitar player in St. Joe.” The setlist will look the same on paper as Newton brings the Scruffy sound to some GasTown songs but the sound of the group will be a drastic change. The stylistic differences between Ward and Newton should make things interesting. Ward plays very riff-driven guitar and Newton will follow suit but also take on several lead licks. “It will fill out the sound more and I wanted somebody who could play solos” Ward says, “I think there is places where the music really needs it.”

The future of GasTown Lamps will involve Newton from this point on as he makes his debut on November 9th but will then be a member in all future shows and even in the Lamps next trip into the studio to record. His part in Scruffy & The Janitors is still first priority and none of the involved parties see him being in both groups as a concern as they will be careful not to double book any shows for the young guitarist. “Scruffy shows are few and far between now.” Newton says, “I’ve got a lot of down time so it’s good to be playing music again.” The decrease in Scruffy shows is not by choice as the schedules of band members are limiting the amount they can play together. Once Scruffy starts to play more Newton will be a very busy man.

As The GasTown Lamps gear up for an ambitious 2014, they will have four remaining shows this year: November 9th with Sexwolph at Cafe Acoustic as well as the 15th at Coppa. They will also perform in December on the 7th back at the Cafe and The First Ward on the 13th. These shows will allow Newton to find his place with the band as Williamson had done the year before. The new lineup plans on playing more shows in the new year and taking on a more ambitious approach playing out of town as well.

The band is certain to sound different and coming this Saturday it will be time to compare and contrast the new GasTown Lamps with the old. The sound on songs like “Heavy Trunk” “The Broke End of Broken Bones”  and the re-tooled “Gold Chain” are sure to be beefed up and hopefully the band can retain their touch on songs like “When The Night Comes Through” as well. One thing is certain; the band is capable of varying their sound much more now as they are sure to try delving into psych-rock as all the band members like that direction but weren’t really capable of executing it before. When you put up that new calender in a couple months be sure check-in with the new, refined GasTown Lamps and see what kind of energy and power they’ve come up with.

WHERE IS IT?  The Cafe Acoustic; 2605 Frederick Ave. St. Joseph, MO 64506

WHEN IS IT?  Saturday, November 9th, 2013; 9:00pm, 21+ FREE


  • It’s FREE
  • Sexwolph will open the show with a fragile set if alt-country gold
  • It will be Teriq Newton’s debut as a member of the GasTown Lamps
  • The show posters are killer! get one to take home
  • The sound at Cafe is tops… period. Best sound in town
  • The lovely Cafe staff will make sure you will not go thirsty
  • I’ll be there; ask me about a free Vocals On Top sticker
  • earplugs are optional
  • Merch for sale! Get a GasTown Lamps EP or Sexwolph cassette of your own
  • It’s a Saturday night and you can stay out as late as you want
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