Tanner Ferguson of Grindstone Creek’s best of 2013

Tanner Ferguson is a guitarist/keyboardist/singer in the St. Joseph, Missouri based band Grindstone Creek. Look for them to have a big year in 2014 as we will hopefully will have some new recorded music from them soon. In the meantime check out their facebook page and give them a “like”: https://www.facebook.com/grindstonecreek

Here is Tanner’s Best of 2013 list:

Jerkface JERKFACE!

5. Jerkface!- Jerkface

Jerkface is a riot on stage. Few bands get your blood pumping as much as they do. They look like rockstars and act the part but what really gets me is Pete Bailey’s trombone in the mix of all that crazy. That cat has chops.

Matthew Coman - No Other Animal

4. No Other Animal- Matthew Coman

Matt just gets it. Since he was younger the guy was always studying rock n roll. I swear his mind is made up of drum kicks and guitar riffs. Can’t wait to see what else is coming!

Dsoedean - Continue To Move

3. Continue to Move- Dsoedean

Zale Bledsoe has arguably done more for our town’s music scene than anyone else. Not only is his band killer, but he started his own record label to support other artists. You can catch him on any given night supporting the local music scene. And the man has given me plenty of advice to be a better artist and person. Thank you Zale.

Radkey - Cat & Mouse EP

2. Devil Fruit/ Cat and Mouse EPs- Radkey

I promise you that you will remember the first time you hear the roar these kids make. I personally stood in shock for several songs. Not being able to fathom what exactly they were capable of doing. I’m so stoked they are getting their well deserved recognition. If you haven’t, go see em next time they are around. Get blown away.

Missouri Homegrown - ...You Asked For It

1. …You Asked For It- Missouri Homegrown

There is one album that sincerely hasn’t left my car, Missouri Homegrown’s rioutous set at Cafe Acoustic entitled …You Asked For It. Here are some insane facts for you: it is a live recording done in one take with the best recorded sound I’ve heard all year. I openly admit to being a fanboy now, but how can you not be? These guys put in the work to be amazing and trust me, it shows. They do crazy rock n roll better than anyone but my favorite song? “Wagon Wheel Motel,” it’s haunting.

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