Album at a glance: Jerkface – JERKFACE!

Jerkface JERKFACE!

If you want something unique, look no further than this online only release by Jerkface. Their punkbilly-surf music is perfectly accented by the fuzzy distortion of the guitars and the distinct sound of trombone blasts as heard on the instrumental “As They Roll In.” “Alien Girl” is two minutes of near perfect power pop while the twang of “Dirty Worn Out Road” and its smoking guitar solo shows the band’s country side. “Trainwreck” might remind you of Sublime but don’t let that scare you off, it is much better than that and just helps show the versatility and talent of this band.

Key Track: “Alien Girl”

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2 Responses to Album at a glance: Jerkface – JERKFACE!

  1. 45spin says:

    Anything called Punkbilly-Surf Music has got my attention

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