250 Word Album Review: Christopher Bell – Sirens

Christopher Bell - Sirens

Christopher Bell - Sirens gets 4 stars

When you listen to a lot of music, and I truly mean A LOT OF MUSIC, you have a thirst for something different and original and it is much harder to find than you might imagine. Look no further than Christopher Bell’s album Sirens if you are trying to quench the thirst for something so unique it will fill your ears with virgin sounds.

It is pretty difficult to describe exactly what he does because it is so unconventional. He uses a lot of vocal loops and he plays a cello for starters. This puts him in the class of “weird for the sake of being weird” right away but because Bell writes quality songs everything gels and the finished product shines bright. The solemn hum of cello strings give “Shipwreck” an instant ominous feel, this kind of mood is echoed on and off throughout Sirens. The album frequently shifts moods, many times within songs and keeps it hard to pin down exactly what Bell is doing, if you don’t pay attention, you won’t be able to keep up.

The sweet, flowing vocal performance of “This Road” is a good representation of what Bell is capable of. The song has pop hooks and a loop of plucking cello strings just consistent enough to hold the song together. The shining masterpiece of the album is “You are an Atom” with exceptionally abstract lyrics and beatbox style loops. Bell proves that a well written song can be executed in many different ways. The natural flow of Bell’s music seems organic and original, therefor it doesn’t wear on your ears with repeated listens.

Key Tracks: “You are an Atom” “This Road”

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