250 Word Album Review: The Biff Tannens – Johnny Dare is a Douche

The Biff Tannens - Johnny Dare Is A Douche

The Biff Tannens - Johnny Dare Is A Douche gets 3.5 stars

The Biff Tannens are a straight forward American punk band that doesn’t waste its time by trying to be clever or adding unnecessary frills, they just let the ourtrage flow. Their sense of humor is apparent by both their name (the Back To The Future villain) and the brilliant album title Johnny Dare is a Douche (Johnny Dare is a Kansas City DJ for a butt-rock radio station.)

They do sloppy punk music well. Their lead single “Fat Chicks from the Planet Flabbius” shows their power and drive all while keeping on the lighter side of things. Balls out rockers like “Punt The Cunt” and “Mr. Toilet Man” are abrasive, loud and just flat out fun. Lead singer Duke White summons his inner Jello Biafra in an obvious homage on the grinding “Pet Peeve” and of course the sound of the Ramones is painted all over the album. The smooth pop hook and refreshing female lead vocals by Jessica White make “Let It Begin” the most “accessible” track on the record and brings to mind the better moments of hard rocking The Donnas songs.

The band has honed in on what punk is and concentrate on it, all while writing good hooks. Johnny Dare is a Douche is everything a band’s first punk album should be; loud, obnoxious, sloppy, disrespectful, short, dirty and gritty complete with grinding guitars and “I could sing better than this!” vocals.

Key Tracks: “Punt The Cunt” “Let It Begin” “Fat Chicks from the Planet Flabbius”

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