250 Word Album Review: The Orwells – Other Voices EP

The Orwells - Other Voices EP

The Orwells - Other Voices EP gets 4 stars

Every once in a while it is really nice to hear a new band that gets it. Their unashamed rock at its finest packed into a four song EP given away free on their website is a good way to get the world to hear your band. Lots of bands give music away for free and many times it’s still not really worth the time and effort to seek out.

The Other Voices EP by The Orwell is definitely worth the effort. The slowest song, “Blood Bubbles” broods with some AM radio qualities while the lyrics hide behind a wall of whining guitars. It along with “Head” are good songs but fail to match the quality of the other two songs available here. The brash “Mallrats” rattles out of control, at times just barely staying on track, giving the tune a punk quality with the loose guitars and hundreds of frantic “la la las” during its two and a half minute life span. The true gem is the title track “Other Voices” it oozes with hooks and proud, strutting vocals complete with simple guitar solos that fit the framework like puzzle pieces.

The Orwells are getting their name out by giving away a sampling of what they are capable of. If the product is this quality they won’t have to give away much more, people will be happy to pay.

Key Tracks: “Other Voices” “Mallrats”


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