Album at a glance: Third Wounded Man – Patsy EP

This is Third Wounded Man's first release; a live EP recorded at Cafe Acoustic named Patsy. You should really go to the following link and listen to some Third Wounded Man; Toss them a couple bucks for downloading it while you are there too:

Don’t let the warts of this digital live EP scare you off; “Patsy” contains some shining hard rock gems. You can almost feel the pain of the drum heads with each abrupt thump and the full power of the guitar sound can easily be credited to Metallica as an obvious influence. These things only highlight the clever wordplay on tracks like “Every Little Thing She Does Is Tragic” with lyrics like “Even a bad actress gets to bow…” These six heavy tunes cover everything from why Tuesdays are great to JFK to the removal of eyelids. It makes for great driving music; just watch the speedometer if you are listening to it and be sure check the back seat.

Key Track: “Ghosts of Tuesday’s Past”

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