Concert Review: Local H at Mojo’s in Columbia, MO on 2/22/14

In lieu of a traditional concert review I’m just going to jot down some notes. I’ve done a few Local H live reviews already and this show wasn’t terribly different. Another rocking show… no disappointment.

  • New drummer Ryan Harding is legit, he is a competent replacement for Brian St. Clair. Comparing the two would be stupid so I’m going to just leave it at that.
  • First time at Mojo’s or in Columbia, MO period for that matter. Really good venue, set up for concerts, good sound, posters all over the walls, you’ve got to love that.
  • Scott’s hair is long again and he looks noticeably older than he did a year ago.
  • The band came out to the classic Batman theme and covered the Spiderman theme later.
  • There are always drunken assholes at almost any show, this was no exception.
  • Harder rocking set than normal, not many slower moments.
  • The band played for about an hour and 40 minutes without leaving the stage.
  • Scott only stopped to talk about twice during the set.
  • No “All The Kids Are Right” but an odd cover of Lorde’s “Team” was included.
  • A rare performance of “Chicago Fanphare ’93” made the setlist, “Taxi Cabs” was a good surprise too.
  • They would only play two songs from their latest album Hallelujah, I’m A Bum.
  • 2 new songs were played.. I’m not sure of titles but you can see my guesses below.
  • Scott crowd surfed back to the merch table at the end of the show.
  • Post show PA was nearly all Radkey songs, Scott must really like them boys.
Local H's Ryan Harding (drums) and Scott Lucas perform at Mojo's in Columbia, Missouri on 2/22/14.

Local H’s Ryan Harding (drums) and Scott Lucas perform at Mojo’s in Columbia, Missouri on 2/22/14.

Local H setlist from Mojo’s in Columbia, Missouri on 2/22/14:

  • Buffalo Trace
  • Deep Cut
  • Eddie Vedder
  • Want You Dead (new song)
  • Blue Line
  • Chicago Fanphare ’93
  • The One With ‘Kid’
  • Hand on the Bible
  • California Songs
  • Taxi Cabs
  • Another February
  • Team (Lorde cover)
  • Alright (Oh Yeah)
  • “Cha!” Said The Kitty
  • Fritz’s Corner
  • Spiderman (cover)
  • One of Us (new song)
  • Bound For The Floor
  • What Would You Have Me Do?
  • Hi Fivin’ MF
  • Heavy Metal Bakesale
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