Coming Soon: Money For Nothin’ / Gas Pump Talent

Money For Nothin' Gas Pump Talent Poster

WHO’S PLAYING?  Gas Pump Talent (Springfield, MO) Money For Nothin’ (St. Joseph, MO)

WHAT TO EXPECT?  A floor stompin’, drunken good time with lots of sing alongs…

Gas Pump Talent is possibly the best out of town band that has rolled through St. Joseph in the last couple years. Their honest and raw songs strike a nerve and make for perfect drinking music. They have a strong crop of original songs like “Ruler of the Elves” from their debut EP No Place In History and great new songs that aren’t even released yet like “Black Blizzard Boogie” and the fantastic “Ella May Rose.” They also have an anthem of a drinking song in “The Booze Tastes Like Blood” that if you can’t sing along to by the end of it, you have already had way too many. They also mix in many logical covers from the likes of Johnny Cash and Social Distortion among others that will have you drunkenly singing along.

Gas Pump Talent sounds like: Lucero, William Elliott Whitmore, the front porch of your neighbors house 75 years ago

Money For Nothin’ is a band with a very high hopes and the ability to make them a reality. Led by the talented songwriter Aaron Blumer and backed by the flashy drumming of Sara Verduzco and the strong pop sensibilities of the versatile Marcus Words, they have all the pieces in place. The band has been polishing their set for a year now and play several popular gigs in south Missouri. They are about to go to Nashville to record their first music together as a band. They play songs written by Blumer, Words and also songs they wrote as a band. They of course mix in a healthy dose of covers as well. They pull out pop, rock and country covers like “Life Is A Highway” “Free Fallin'” and of course “Wagon Wheel” among others that will keep you singing your heart out all night long.

Money For Nothin’ sounds like: Jason Aldean, Kip Moore, gravel crunching under pickup truck tires

WHERE IS IT?  The Cafe Acoustic; 2605 Frederick Ave. St. Joseph, MO 64506

WHEN IS IT?  Saturday, March 1st, 2014; 9:30, NO COVER


  • It’s FREE
  • Cafe Acoustic always sounds great
  • Smoking is not only allowed, it is encouraged and unavoidable
  • pretty bartenders get you drunk at Cafe… it’s a good thing
  • Gas Pump Talent is from Springfield and don’t make it up often, so don’t miss out
  • Gas Pump Talent has some nifty new T-Shirts… you should get one (I got two in case one was dirty)
  • Money For Nothin’ puts on a great show, this town is spoiled because we see them so often but they belong on a larger stage than St. Joe
  • Everybody likes to sing along… even if they won’t admit it
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