250 Word Album Review: The Wilhelm Brothers – Lay Your Burden Down

The Wilhelm Brothers - Lay Your Burden Down

The Wilhelm Brothers - Lay Your Burden Down gets 2.5 stars

The Wilhelm Brothers 6 song EP is dominated by a steady, acoustic old-timey sound that has really returned to popularity recently. The front porch folk heard here goes a little beyond the normal band that picks up a stand-up bass however, it goes all the way back to the 60s.

Call it bluegrass or folk or lost somewhere in-between but these songs are delivered with a throwback tone of a decade that has long passed. “Trail of the Lonesome Pine” is cultivated by a dangerous combination of a broken heart and listening to a lot of John Lennon yet somehow has an optimistic tone. “Perfect Isolation” is highlighted by simple harmonies but when you combine song titles containing the words “Burden” (as in the title track) “Lonesome” and “Isolation,” you get a pretty good vibe on what this record is all about.

Nothing really stands out as shockingly different among 5 of the 6 songs but one song is enough of a gem to really change the whole tone of the short EP. The song “The Go-Between” rattles with the dark power-pop of 60s band like The Animals and The Zombies. The closest correlation may be to The Box Tops’ song “The Letter” as they both share the same eerie vibe that is incredibly rarely achieved.  The song also works in Dylan-esque lyrics only adding to ominous feel of the clear centerpiece of Lay Your Burden Down.

Key Tracks: “The Go-Between” “Trail of the Lonesome Pine”

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1 Response to 250 Word Album Review: The Wilhelm Brothers – Lay Your Burden Down

  1. 45spin says:

    you were starting to lose me with the folky bluegrass, but add the Zombies, Animals and Alex Chilton & The Box Tops and I’m gonna have to check it out 🙂

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