Album at a glance: Sexwolph – Twang As Fuck

Sexwolph - Twang As Fuck

With a name like Sexwolph you might expect an industrial death metal sound that will make you damage your speakers but the group is actually more inspired by fragile, old-school country. Complete with heartbreak and steel guitars, this is more country than almost anything you’ll hear on the radio. “Out Alive” is an anthem for anyone who has survived a bad relationship and “Women, Whiskey, Weed & Pills” lets you know just how to get back on your feet afterwards. The steel guitar on “Could It Kill A Man” might break your heart and if it doesn’t the brittle lyrics will finish it off. Sexwolph’s Twang As Fuck may not be death metal but you should still feel free to grab a beer and turn it up as loud as the neighbors will allow.

Key Track: “Out Alive”

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